Reliable Medevac Service in BC and Beyond

Medevac Services Overview

With contracts in Vancouver and Kelowna, Carson Air is well-positioned to assist and provide medevac services in British Columbia and into the US as needed.

Our highly-qualified, dedicated medevac operators fly technologically advanced aircraft to ensure an excellent quality of care for patients as they are transported to a medical facility in a safe and timely manner. With years of experience providing medevac services to BC and beyond, Carson Air remains BC’s primary provider of fixed wing ambulance services.

Bariatric Medevac Services

Our Beech 1900D was specifically modified to transport bariatric patients. It is the only Transport Canada certified aircraft of its kind. We are proud to say that is was engineered and modified by Carson Air’s experienced maintenance crew.

We use it for a variety of missions, which include transporting bariatric patients up to 700 lbs, emergency evacuations carrying up to 3 prone patients and a medical team, transporting patients connected to ECMO machines, and transporting patients in isolation pods or incubators.

Where we fly

With bases in Kelowna and Vancouver, Carson Air proudly services major cities, towns, communities and villages across the Province of British Columbia, providing fixed wing air ambulance services on behalf of British Columbia Emergency Health Services (BCEHS).



Our Air Ambulance Fleet

King Air 350

The King Air 350 can accommodate 2 pilots, 2 patients, 2 paramedics and 1 escort.

Max cruise speed: 312 kts
Max service ceiling: 35,000 ft
Cabin altitude @ 29,000ft: 8,000ft
Max Range: 1,806nm (3,345km)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A (1,050 shp)
Avionics: Pro Line Fusion and Garmin 1000

Beech 1900D

The Beech 1900D can accommodate 2 pilots, 3 patients, 2 paramedics and 2 escorts.

Max cruise speed: 280 kts
Max service ceiling: 25,000 ft
Cabin altitude @ 20,000ft: 6,500ft
Max Range: 1,806nm (3,345km)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A (1,200 shp)
Avionics: Garmin 950 NXI

Cessna Citation 560 Encore

The Cessna Citation 560 Encore can accommodate 2 pilots, 2 patients, 2 paramedis and 1 escort.

Max cruise speed: 430 kts
Max service ceiling: 45,000 ft
Cabin altitude @ 35,000ft: 7,000ft
Max Range: 1,960nm (3,630km)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney PW535A (6,800 lbs of thrust)
Avionics: UNS1 FMS/GTN750 w/ Honeywell Primus 1000