Working with Carson Air

Embarking on the journey as a cargo pilot in Western Canada offers a unique and exhilarating perspective of the region’s vast and diverse landscapes. The cockpit becomes a portal to a world where towering mountain ranges, expansive prairies, and dense forests are seamlessly connected by the network of air routes. As a cargo pilot, the primary focus is on transporting goods efficiently and reliably to remote communities and bustling urban centers alike. Navigating through the Rocky Mountains requires skill and precision, while crossing the expansive plains demands a keen understanding of the ever-changing weather patterns. From the vibrant city of Vancouver to the modern, growing city of Calgary, our cargo pilots becomes a vital link in the supply chain, delivering essential goods to communities across Western Canada. Against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, each flight becomes a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the practical demands of cargo transport and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Canadian landscape.


Cargo Career Opportunities

Metro III (SW4) — Senior Captain (CYYC)

Metro III (SW4) — Captain (CYYC)